Privacy Policy


Data Collections:

-Any personal data we store from your purchase will not be shared with any third party. We only keep data for as long as required for tax purposes, and business requirements. Should we ever sell Mindy’s Needle Art, your information that we may still have WILL NOT be given to the new owners and destroyed once we no longer are required to keep them. 

-We use a third party for processing credit cards, we do not store or have access to your credit card information, we currently use the following third-party processors: Square, PayPal, or Etsy payments.

-If purchasing from you have the options of either using PayPal or Square

-If purchasing from Etsy you will use Etsy checkout for payments

-If paying by check, cashier check, or money order

-It will be electronically deposited, form of payment will be kept for 90 days and then destroyed.

-We do not track your internet use via cookies. We are not responsible for what Etsy (to view Etsy privacy statement: ) or GoDaddy (our website host) may track, and we do not receive any personal information from them unless you make a purchase.

-All data we may print is stored on site, and destroyed once we don’t need it for tax purposes (up to 7 years)

-If you would like to know the exact data we keep about you for tax or other business requirements please contact us at 

-Should there be a breach in data you will be notified via email and mail (we will use your shipping address).

-We do not SHARE or SELL your information to any other business, person, or social media outlet.

-We will not contact you once you receive your products unless you contact us or sign up for our emails about sales, events, and specials at:

-Subscribe: (on the bottom of our home page)

-To unsubscribe please email please include the email address you are receiving the news letters at.

Orders Shipped outside of the United States:

-Any purchases from outside of the United States, you are responsible for any tariffs or taxes you may incur when your package arrives.  This is not included in the shipping cost, it is illegal for us to pay this.

-If you refuse to pay the tariffs/taxes, and the item is returned to us:

A. Custom items will not receive any refund. If you then want the item back, you must pay for shipping again

B. Non-custom items will receive a refund minus shipping once we receive the item, this can take up to six months.


-You may request your order to be canceled up to 24 hours after you made your purchase. You must contact us either at or if purchased from Etsy you must contact us via Etsy Convo. After 24 hours your order cannot be canceled, as supplies will have been either reserved and or ordered and we will have begun work on your items. If the 24 hours has passed, please contact us with concerns about your order and we will help resolve the issue.

-We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order, we have up to 3 business days from your purchase.

-we will notify you before canceling the order

-orders are normally canceled by us if we cannot get your item made in time for your event. Please note you are responsible for picking the correct shipping. We will not cancel an item because you don’t pay for the proper shipping.

-if you need to upgrade shipping we will notify you of your options

-we are out of stock of an item you order, we will give you the option of waiting for the stock to arrive to us.

Processing Times:

- Please note processing days do not include shipping days.

-processing days do not include weekends or Federal Holidays. If you need current processing times, please contact us at or if purchasing from Etsy please contact via Etsy Convo

-Average processing time is 10 business days or less, but changes daily based on pending orders.

If you provide the item:

-If you provide an item for us to add either, htv, embroidery, laser engraving or other means to it:

-we are not responsible for items that may be damaged while making it. While accidents rarely happen, we are human and make mistakes.

Items not picked up:

-Items dropped off for us to embroider, quilt, laser engrave, add vinyl to, etc. must be picked up within 10 business days from when you are notified your items are ready. Items not picked up on the 11th business day becomes property of Mindy’s Needle Art. 

-You will receive a minimum of four reminders to pick up your item.

-any payments made for the item will not be refunded as the work was completed.

-We understand emergencies arise and you may not be able to pick up by a certain date, if that happens please send an email to to make arrangement to have your item stored until you can pick up.

-you may also decide to have your item shipped if you cannot pick it up.


-If you fail to provide all information for proofs we will try to contact you:

-Either via email or text if phone number is provided

-If purchased via Etsy we will try to contact you through Etsy Convo or email

-No refunds will be offered because you don’t provide the needed information.

-No proofs are made until payment for the item is received unless we make prior arrangements

-the only time we make proofs first is if it is something we have never made before and want to make sure we can provide you with what you want.

-or we agree with you to make them without payment

-should you fail to check your proof 

-We WILL NOT refund your order because you fail to check your proofs.

- We will try to contact you for up to 30 days, after 10 business days you will be contacted that your shipping date has changed, up to 60 days from the current shipping date on your order.

-After the 30 days it is your responsibility to get in contact with us at: to get your proofs re-sent and for you to approve them. Once approved they will get placed on the schedule.


-You are responsible for picking the correct shipping speed

-first class (you don’t upgrade shipping) can take up to 10 days to ship to the US and up to 8 weeks outside of the US

-Priority Mail 3 to 5 days in the US and up to 3 weeks outside of the US

-Priority Express in the US up to 2 days outside the US up to 10 business days

***if you need to upgrade shipping we will notify you of your options***

-For items marked delivered by the shipping company, but the customer did not receive the item

-We require you to take the tracking number to your local post office and get GPS coordinates of where the package was left

-If it was left at your address you must fill out a theft report and provide us with a copy

Once you do those two things we will be happy to remake the item for you and resend it. Please note when we resend it, it will ship with SIGNATURE REQUIRED. We must have the above items for insurance purposes and cannot do them, the receiver of the package must do them.

-If your item arrives damaged we require you to contact us within three days of receiving the items, we require pictures of the packaging if damaged, and pictures of any damaged items. We need this for insurance purposes. 

-once we receive the photos we will make a new item, and or make arrangements for you to send the item back to be repaired. If you are required to send the item back, we will provide a shipping label via email for you to put on the package. 

-If you provide the wrong shipping address when you check out please notify us (if purchase via Etsy through Etsy Convo, and if purchase on please contact us via email at

-if you do provide a wrong shipping address and do not contact us before shipping it

-once the item is returned to us we will ship the item to the correct address once you provide it. Please note it can take up to 6 months for us to receive it back, if it is returned to the post office. You are responsible for the additional shipping cost.

-If you need the item before it is returned to us, you may purchase a new item, and then if and when we receive the other package back we will refund you minus the shipping cost if the item is not a custom item.

-you can also try and contact the shipping company with the tracking number to get it rerouted to the correct address, you are responsible for any additional cost.


-There are no refunds on custom items. If you approve the proof with mistakes in it, we will not refund you. The customer is responsible for double checking the proof for MISTAKES AND SPELLING ERRORS. We routinely get customers who want words misspelled so we cannot check each one. The information you send us is copied and pasted into the programs.

-Should we make a mistake on a non-custom order. You must contact us within 3 days of you receiving the package. We will issue you a refund once we receive your item back. Orders must be received back within 2 weeks and a tracking number must be provided to us.

-if you provide pictures of the mistake we will email you a return address label

-if you refuse or are unable to provide pictures, you must ship the item back at your expense and will be refunded the shipping cost once the mistake is verified. We suggest you get tracking numbers on the return.

Forced Returns: 

-We do not accept a forced return, and you will not receive a refund. If you want the item back, you must pay for shipping again. You item will be held for 60 days for you to send us the shipping cost again. After that we will no longer save your item and you will not get a refund.

-A forced item is an item that is:

-marked on the package returned to sender

-addressee refuses to accept the item

-any return item that the buyer does not first contact us about returning the item


-We reserve the right to use photos of your items. If you do not want your photos used, you must contact us at stating we do not have permission to use the photos. Please include your order number in the email.

-We take pictures of all item we make to use for:

-proof of condition of item before shipping

-to use on our website, on Etsy, and all social media for samples of our work

-any photos of Cubbies or other items with  baby stats will not use without contacting you via email for permission.

-All our photos are copyrighted any may not be used without written permission from:

Melinda Conrad owner of Mindy’s Needle Art. Anyone using our photos without permission will be prosecuted in the state of Virginia in the United States.

Website Content:

-Mindy’s Needle Art exclusively owns all rights to any and all listings (to include, but not limited to listing descriptions) on Etsy, on, and on any social media outlet. No listing may be copied, reproduced, or used by anyone. Any saying on handkerchiefs, or other items are copyrighted by Mindy’s Needle Art and may not be reproduced by any means (to include but not limited to photography), on any item.

Contact Us Information:

Email address:

-mailing address

Mindy’s Needle Art

3544 Merestep Way

Toano, VA 23168